• 2016 Gravity Well 2016 Gravity Well 2016 gravitywell 26w x 20h x 19d Cherry, walnut, curly maple, bronze
  • Fall Trees Fall Trees Using marquetry and inlay to add composition to woodturning
  • Segmented Turning Segmented Turning A basic introduction to Segmented Turning
  • Inside Out Inside Out 2006 Ornament
  • Christmas Bell Christmas Bell 2007 Ornament
  • Celtic Knot Celtic Knot 2008 Ornament
  • Wishing Well Wishing Well 2009 Ornament
  • Nutcracker Nutcracker 2010 Ornament
  • Christmas Angel Christmas Angel 2011 Ornament
  • Christmas Globe Christmas Globe 2012 Ornament
  • Christmas Penguin Christmas Penguin 2013 Ornament
  • Christmas Angel Christmas Angel 2014 Ornament
  • Square Bowl Square Bowl A turning with a little pucker factor
  • Walnut Bowl Walnut Bowl Basic Walnut bowl
  • Bottle Stopper Bottle Stopper A Laminated Bottle Stopper
  • Metal Spinning Metal Spinning First Spin, see metal flow
  • Curly Maple Pen Curly Maple Pen Make a Wooden Pen
  • Laguna Beach Vase Laguna Beach Vase First devation from traditional segmenting
  • Hollow Egg Hollow Egg Hollow egg from Maple
  • Classic Teapot in Slow motion Classic Teapot in Slow motion 20 seconds of action in slow-motion is beautiful
  • Cherry Southwest Bowl Cherry Southwest Bowl Happy Birthday Mom
  • Turning Cabinet Turning Cabinet Version III with integrated vacuum
  • Mini Lathe Stand Mini Lathe Stand Ready to hit the road
  • Nancy's Pen Nancy's Pen Acrylic Pen
  • Gravity Well Gravity Well Made of African Mahogany, this a kinetic sculpture using a marble pump to raise the 5/8" steel balls
  • Wine Glass Wine Glass Small Wine Glass from Maple

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