Sign the Guest Book

There is a person in the Ukraine that thinks it is fun to harass people on the internet. so, I have taken down the guest book posting page.
These postings never made it to the guest book for people to see, they did not even get saved for the administrator to see. But we know the attempts were being made non the less.
I am an artist. I am followed by and I follow other artists from all over the word.
Many of the countries these artist live in are considered pariahs by advanced society.
This is really an indictment of the Governments of these countries and not the significant majorities of the citizens to live there.
These are people who seek to create and make the world a better place.
the actions of a lone agitator will not change my positive view of the people of the Ukraine and Russia my personal friends who live there or have immigrated here, or of this world where we spend a short time living.
I mostly just feel sad for a person that is driven to hurt others, and wonder why it is that any person needs to create negative feelings in others to feel whole.